Mandala Question and Answers

Mandalas have been used for thousands of years by many ancient cultures because of their remarkable Transformational Powers.

A powerful tool, Mandalas invokes in the user, a Higher State of Conscious that helps to accelerate and advance the quest for Enlightenment, Psychic Knowledge, Self-Realization, Self-Freedom and Positive Change, a quantum leap.

A Mandala is a concentric geometric figure, painting or picture representing the entire Universe. In Buddhism and Hinduism a symmetrical or pictorial design usually enclosed in a circle. In dream interpretation, it represents the dreamer's search for completeness and self-unity. Jungian psychology states, “A Mandala is a symbol representing the self and inner harmony.”

Mandalas offer balancing of visual elements, mental concepts, symbolizing unity and harmony. The objective of the Mandala is to serve as an instrument on your journey to perfection, as it symbolizes cosmic and psychic order.

I love my Mandala. Thank you Vincent…as soon as I looked at it I could feel the Mandala’s energy surge through my entire body…can’t wait to tell all my friends…Jessie Knowels, Wa.

The Sub-Conscious Mind & Responses

All our responses, how we react to life's situations, emotional, mental and psychical, are completely controlled by the sub-conscious mind, referred to as the Inner Cellular Memory Hemisphere of the Brain. From the moment we are born, we begin to imprint or embed into our memory banks everything we are taught and experience, Mental Images. Unfortunately, the sub-conclusions mind, having no filters, believes everything as honest and true, even if it is incorrect and wrong.

Until you change out-dated misconceptions and beliefs in the mind, no change is possible.

Ever wonder why people keep making the same bad decisions resulting in the same disappointing results? Because when you rely on untruthful erroneous memories and apply them to the same situation forcing you to take the same action, it will always lead to the same unwanted outcome.

Unless you correctly change these memory reference points, you are destined to repeat the same course of action to the same situation, causing you to make the same wrong choices.

Actions based on False Beliefs will always end in disappointment and eventually disaster.

Example: You know when you memorize the wrong words to a song, until you learn the correct lyrics, you will always sing the incorrect words. That is fact.

Will using a Personal Mandala erase incorrect Mental Images?

Simply stated…YES.

 But how?

Focusing on a Personal Mandala helps stabilize, integrate and re-order the Mental Images of the brain’s memory. Every time you use your Mandala, it helps "to access progressively deeper levels of the unconscious,” causing positive permanent changes becoming the NEW information to always guide positive actions in life.

What is a Personally designed Mandala?

Based on your questionnaire and his Psychic Intuitive, Vincent will designed just for you a one of a kind Personal Mandala. Your Personal Mandala is created to be visually appealing engaging the mind leading to higher consciousness and awareness.

A Personal Mandala when used properly is a mesmerizing instrument, allowing you to make desired changes quicker. It helps to calm the analytical mind allowing for greater creative thinking.


To Purchase Your Personal Mandala

Personalized Mandalas Now Available to help enhance & strengthen your personal growth:

v WEIGHT LOST                           Lose Weight & Keep it OFF Permanently v SELF-ESTEEM                          Overcome self-imposed limitation v SELF-HEALING                         Improve your overall health v SELF- FREEDOM                      Let go of FEAR & Frustration v PSYCHIC TUNE-UP                  Boost your Intuitive awareness on a Soul Level v CREATING ABUNDANCE        Erase mental/emotional fear of poverty  

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  • Incredible, easy, safe, no insane diet fads…

  • Love the Mandala no strenuous exercises, no “rabbit food”...

  • As a performer and singer, I am constantly aware of my weight. This is the easiest way to not have to worry about gaining lbs... I have my entire crew on Vincent’s Mandala program. Kelly C.

  • “So far, I’ve lost 53 pounds with my Personal Weight Lost Mandala. I love it – it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done. My life has totally changed. I eat less and move more. Gloria P, Ca

  • My appetite is under control, I’m making better food choices, have more energy, focus and feel happy all of the time. This is so simple. People notice my weight loss & ask me what I’m doing. Allen Green, WA, DC

  • I’m getting compliments left and right over how I look. And I feel fantastic! This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You rock. Cindy Young, Ohio

  • “I feel ALIVE again! I went from 10/12 size to a 6 after just a couple of months. I was shocked and awed at the energy, focus, and happiness I feel. Manzi - Brooklyn, NY

  • a “kick start” to a happier and healthier life. It the safest way to let go of fat. People notice me now. I don’t boast about the 30lbs lost, I speak of the 20 years of YOUTH gained!” Linda Grahman - Kentucky

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