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"Psychic Synapse"
Inspiration & Call-In Psychic Readings
Tuesday & Thursday from 11:00am (PT) 2:00PM (ET)

"Psychic Synapse" brings to you a synergistic approach to self-empowerment, by highlighting the newest ideas and tools, and some ancient concepts, for optimizing the individual strengths as well as the inner action of your body, mind and spirit.

“Psychic Synapse”, is a live call-in Internet radio show where you can call and speak directly to Vincent and receive a Psychic Reading or just ask a question. Broadcast live every Tuesday & Thursday from 11:00am (PT) 2:00PM (ET)

“Psychic Synapse” always starts with “Words that Work” an affirmation that will help the listener erase out-dated negative thinking and “Inspirational Words” that will help you activate and motivate your creative imagination. Then Vincent will open the phone lines and offer Readings using his unique and unparalleled gift of Psychic Intuitiveness.

You can listen to the live broadcast on Tuesday & Thursday from 11:00am (PT) 2:00PM (ET) or anytime at your leisure by accessing the archives. You can even download the radio show to your IPOD or cell phone.

Listen to Vincent's internet one (1) hour radio show every
Tuesday & Thursday from 11:00am (PT) 2:00PM (ET) on Achieve Radio.

If you would like to ask Vincent for a reading during his radio show you can either call him or send an instant "In-Quick message directly to Vincent every Tuesday & Thursday from 11:00am (PT) 2:00PM (ET) on his INTERNET RADIO Show "Psychic Synapse" at:

Listen, Call-In and be part of the show!

Call in Numbers:
602-412-4949 | 917-677-5151 | 888-235-7374
UK 0203-318-0688

Listen Only Line - 323-474-0045

Or send an instant "In-Quick" message directly to Vincent...


“The Oracle of the Archives.”

Many of the listener to “Psychic Synapse” are calling the past shows:
“The Oracle of the Archives.”

One of the listeners explains it perfectly...

"Whenever I am feeling down and I need words of inspiration or just words to pick me up I scan down Vincent's past shows and choose the affirmation I think I need to hear, then I listen 15 minutes or so to the segment “Words that Work” and every time, to my amazement, it is exactly what I need to hear and learn from. It is like they say “It just what the doctor ordered.” Then the day gets better and I smile.

Once again, kudos to you Vincent" ...

All the archived shows are titled by the affirmation that Vincent uses during his show in the “Words that Works” segment.


Vincent J. Barra





Vincent has achieved the level that of Master Teacher. He is a dedicated healer and teacher of the Dr. Usui method of Reiki


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