Psychic Consultation

Mr. Barra's private Psychic Consultations have been the road to self-discovery, not just for his clients, but for himself as well. Known as the "Psychic's Psychic" his clients have called a session with Vincent one of the most dynamic and illuminating time you have ever spent exploring yourself. His Readings are multi-leveled and multi-dimensional. You receive personalized attention second to one, a heart-felt guidance and exploration into matters that are most important to you and a new perspective that is uplifting and clarifying. A sense of renewed faith and passion for life.

What a Reading with Vincent will do for you...

  • You'll gain a sense of re-birth and self-renewal.
  • You'll hear honest answers to your questions.
  • You'll get a “birds eye view” of your entire life.
  • You'll discover your talents and abilities.
  • You'll receive guidance that can help you to prevent, change or avoid future problems.
  • You'll have insight into your health and state of mind.
  • You'll learn strategy for reaching your goals and desires.
  • You'll gain insight on spirituality, karma and possible psychic abilities.

Vincent will see into the future for predictions on...

  • Your romance---meeting someone new, or how to make your current relationship work.
  • Your career-job changes, promotions, relations with co-workers.
  • Your finances and investments.

My girlfriend is right a reading with you is just like being re-born...How did you know my what I feel in my SOUL... bless you... Lucy M... New York

It took a while but now I understand what you were telling me... love has entered my life....just like you predicted. James B..Kentucky

...your humor is so awesome I love to laugh and You do that for me as well as inspire me thank You!!!! - Jennifer

I can breath a lot easier knowing that the future will be ok... you gave me the tools and encouragement to be able to handle it all... John C. So Falls..

Vincent works with several Police Agencies and other Governmental Departmentsuncovering facts that aid in solving many difficult cases. He has worked with Doctors and other Medical Professionals accurately diagnosing tumors and hidden maladies even our most modern technology was unable to detect.
Known for his unparalleled ability to channel messages directly from the afterlife to love ones. He has helped hundreds to understand and accept the death of relatives and friends. Because Vincent has gone through a Near Death Experience and has a personal understanding about the after life; he has been called upon as a consultant for several movies and TV shows. "Journey With Spirit" an unique and touching seminar is a powerful workshop designed to help individuals re-unite with loved ones who have made their transition. They meet and talk in present time, this is accomplished without the use of regression or channeling. Mr. Barra is the only person offering this inspiring workshop.

The Future is another country… A sometimes bewildering place…, full of roads you never traveled, people you never met, choices you never made. But it is the place where you are going to spend the rest of your life, and that’s why it pays to be prepared.


Many people,.. including celebrities, police and even Heads of State have turned to the world renowned psychic; Vincent.

If you would like to know more about where you’ve been, where you are now, and most importantly, where you are going , let Vincent be your personal guide. Let Vincent explore your past, present, and open the door to your future.

Take the steps that can unravel the knots that bind you.

Your future is in your hands.

Make your appointment now for your private "Psychic Consultation" with Vincent. Take the step that can unravel the knots that bind you. Your future is in your hands; find out what the future holds for you. Vincent is there for you.

For information and rates for a private Psychic Reading
either in-person or via the phone, please send a request to:


Vincent has achieved the level that of Master Teacher. He is a dedicated healer and teacher of the Dr. Usui method of Reiki
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