Reiki Classes and Personal Healing

It is the unique blend of energy which makes Reiki such a powerful force of life force healing and which lends it the amazing ability to restore not just the physical body, but also on a mental, emotional and spiritual level as well. As one is "opened up" through the Attunement process, that person becomes an accessible channel for the Reiki energy to flow through. The energy is constantly circulating in their body and energy field from that point on. Additionally, when they place their hands on an object, whether it be a person, pet, tree, crystal, etc. the energy flows into that object as well.

Reiki is transferred to students by a Master Teacher of Reiki through a series of attunements. During an attunement process, a series of sacred symbols are sealed into the person's energy field to assist them in channeling the higher vibrations of energy. The Attunement process opens up an individual permanently to the energy of Reiki so that one can give Reiki treatments to self and others. Reiki traditionally is taught in three degrees or levels and there are specific Attunement for each degree of training.

First Degree Reiki is primarily and etheric/physical healing energy. It has a tremendous ability to balance the chakras, remove negative energy from a person's auric field, relieve stress and heal the body in general.

Second Degree energy deals primarily with healing the mental and emotional levels of one's being. First Degree energy is enhanced and amplified at least four times, and one is instructed how to send the healing Reiki energy over a distance to others, called "remote healing." Other advanced techniques are taught that can facilitate deep emotional healing, which is often the true cause of dis-ease.

Third Degree level's energy is a very spiritual nature. It integrates all levels of one's being and, as a result, initiates Higher Self contact, aiding a person to understand their life's path. Master/Teacher training provides one with the ability to attune others and teach Reiki I, II or III classes.

The Usui systems of three separated attunement processes is very well integrated and balance. It cleanses, opens up and literally unites all levels of the chakras. it is universally the finest spiritual, mental and physical healing system available today.

Reiki can be sent to anyone in the Universe.

Twenty-One Questions Communally Asked About Reiki



Reiki is the unique blend of energy which makes it such a powerful force of life force healing.



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