Reike Healing Hands
"Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy"

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is an ancient method of bringing harmony, peace and balance to all levels of the body, mind and soul. Reiki heals using Universal Life Force Energy, also known as Electro-Magnetic Energy,which is ever present in the universe. It is a simple, yet powerful, healing art that can be used on yourself as well as others. it can easily be mastered by everyone.

Dr. Mikao Usui, who in 1846 began a quest to discover a universal energy that could heal irrespective of the mental and/or physical state of the person applying the energy. After years of study, travel, research and meditation he found the Keys to this healing system based on ancient Buddhist teachings written in Sanskrit.

The word Reiki can be split into two components. Rei meaning "Universal Spirit", and Ki (Qi, Chi) meaning "Life Force Energy". This energy is of the highest and purest form, the very essence that supports and sustains life. A Reiki practitioner channels the energy through laying on of hands upon the body. Reiki goes directly to the area needing the most attention. These treatments work by dissolving or eliminating toxic energy and substances from many levels of ones being whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. It also works the harmonious forces at the same time. Reiki helps to create and strengthening the harmonious environment within ones inner being so true healing can take place.

The ability to do Reiki is easily learned and is transferred to the student by a Reiki Master during an Attunement process. After being initiated or attuned the student/practitioner begins to channel this loving and healing energy by the touch of his/her hands and will find that their natural healing energies are enhanced. Reiki is gently yet powerful and has aided in the healing of many different illness and disease.

Dr. Usui used Reiki to treat and cure people from all walks of life. He trained others in his methods and before dying, named Dr. Chujiro Hyashi as his successor who was trained in Western Medicine and a reservist in the Japanese Imperial Navy.

Dr. Hyashi continued the work of Usui and in turn named a woman of Japanese descent as his successor. Her name was Hawayo Takata and it is via Hawayo Takata that the majority of people in the West now know about Reiki.

Vincent has achieved the level that of Master Teacher.

He is a dedicated healer and teacher of the Dr. Usui method of Reiki.

Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chugiro Hyashi
Madam Howayo Takata



Vincent has achieved the level that of Master Teacher. He is a dedicated healer and teacher of the Dr. Usui method of Reiki



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