Thanks Vincent!! Welcome back!  It is great to listen to you on Achieve Radio.  I need to tell you a big thanks.  At the end of 2010, I called in to your show you  were so helpful to me.  I had just lost my job and was having family issues. You said that I would get a job, and it would be just like I did before, but that my company would see something in me.  I went on a lot of job interviews and I ended back at my old company that I had worked for, before the job I was laid off from. It was amazing because that really did happen! Another benefit was that I was able to continue on with  graduate school because my company reinstated my years from before.   - Cindy Schmidt
"Want to Thank you sooo much Vincent for your candor when you spoke to me a few months ago. You called me (with much LOVE) a slug- and you were so right! 1/2 of me missing. Am owning the other half now and it feels so right. Bless you my gifted and honest friend. Through your honesty- we all benefit. xxoo" - Mary Connors-Carson
Oct. 5, 2011 Dear Vincent... I heard your program yesterday, in the archives as I was working and could not listen when you were live.  You sound great - rested, energetic, and ready to take on the world.  I have never been through a physical crisis such as yours, thankfully, but I can imagine the despair and depression that comes from months of pain and just feeling vulnerable and ill.  I am so glad that the love and healing energy so many of us were sending was felt by you, and that it uplifted you and supported you so that you could endure the long healing process.
I bought a card for you and at the time I was going to send it I heard you were being transferred and I had no idea where to send it.  I never did send it and I am sorry for that. I thought the card was perfect for you too. :)  Anyway, just know that you were continually in my thoughts and prayers.
You did a lovely thing for the woman who called the show yesterday and who had sent you vitamins and books, while she herself is not well.  I got that you didn't do it to repay her. I could feel that you were so appreciative that when you knew she had a real need you wanted to help her as well.
Love to you, Vincent.  It is good to know you are once again able to enjoy life.

After my father passed I had to look at my life and its direction. In this journey, I got connected with Vincent and asked for his advice. Vincent is honest and to the point. He not only gave me great advice but also talked about my husband and his future. He was accurate concerning many of our attributes and skills. He also affirmed my own intuitions. If you are at a crossroad or need affirmation to move on, I highly recommend Vincent. Behind his direct and honest approach is a compassionate soul. - Delara Kark
Vincent Barra is the most accurate in his Aura photos and readings. He is very loving and caring in his readings. His no nonsense attitude is most refreshing. Thank you Vincent for all you do!!!! - Denise Larsen

I had 2 readings with Vincent and I wouldn't hesitate going for a third. He is direct, honest and does his readings with integrity. He takes his readings very seriously but always finds ways to add humor when the time is right. I am also a regular listener of his radio show (Psychic Synapse). I now call him a modern day mountain sage because I absolutely love his words of wisdom which he integrates in his readings. Anyone interested in a psychic reading should seriously consider Vincent! - Hugues Landry

Vincent is the real thing! I have learned so much from my readings with him and it has been so fun to watch it all come to pass. He is very honest, straight forward and really funny. I just love his open heart, deep wisdom and direct approach. A reading from Vincent is worth more than anything you could pay. - Ginny Ciszek

I got a general reading from Vincent and asked about relationships. He was right on in stating that I had been being a hermit and isolating myself after my last breakup and got it right that it had been 2 years. He told me my grandma was working on the other side to send me someone, initials starting with T and I'd meet him in 1-3 months. I got out like he suggested and met T in 10 days! - Sharon Logan

Vincent J. Barra is a great psychic. Vincent's direct approach is therapeutic and sincere. When he read me about my (future) husband, my teaching career two years ago, his predictions came true. Vincent can tell you exactly what he sees, without you ever saying as much as your name and those magical three numbers he asks for. - Trisha Condo

Vincent is one of the Best and Authentic Psychic in the world. It was a great honor to have a reading from him. His reading has completely changed my life. His approach is very honest and direct. He is a sweetheart. Always eager to help others to make their lives better. He is pure, very kind and loving. Wish you great luck. Deepa Diwan

Vincent's clarity of vision is impressive and without bounds. His kind heart and desire to serve and help others is genuine and can be felt and heard in his readings. I recommend everyone get a reading from this amazing and talented man. - Anna Sanchez

I have known Vincent over 20 yrs. and in all that time, each and every reading he's done for me has be amazing. His insight...beyond-sites and ability to see around corners is always very clear. You will enjoy his warm personality and generous heart. - Barbara Sansone

I have been going to Vincent regularly since 1991, and even today so many years later I am constantly in awe of his amazing gift and his frightening accuracy. There are too many instances to mention here of how he has helped me focus and get the best out of my life. He will forever be my psychic guru! - Rick Copp
Vincent is absolutely brilliant. It amazes me that with a few numbers he told me what I was planning as far as career, where this career move was headed and what was going on in my home life as well. His honesty and good sense of humor make his readings accurate, yet light and fun. He is absolutely magnificent. - Jaclyn Gambaro
I will be forever grateful to Vincent. My granddaughter may not be here had he not spared my feelings to tell me there was going to be problems at her birth. I took the necessary precautions that he said to do. That included my daughter in law to quit her job and have bed rest. ALL came to pass and ALL went well as Vincent said it would. To this day the doctors don't know what was wrong with my granddaughter at birth. But, I know exactly what happened. Thank you Vincent again. - Michele Lujan
Vincent read me 2 years ago...his insights were accurate and helped me to not hide from the universe. I truly appreciate his upfront, honest "Brooklyn" style...he tells it like it is with a lot of love and a dash of humor. You know the old song...a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down... He is a truly gifted person. Thank you Vincent! Bill - Bill Vallari
Vincent is a very stern and to the point reader. Even when you think he is off and he isn’t. He tells things like he sees them without any frills. After I had my reading I listened to the tape he sent me and all he stated fell into place and I did figure out all he was trying to tell me. Very Good Vincent even though at the time of the read I had thought differently. Thank you Claude from Canada - Claude Ross
Vincent J. Barra has been my personal psychic since 1989. His accuracy with predictions is astonishing. He predicted the house I was to buy in NY with incredible detail. As I walked in the yet unsold house, I was stunned to see every single description of his come true...down to the flooring and view. I knew this would eventually be my home...and I have been here ever since. I have always considered his psychic gift to be awesome and inspiring at the same time. - Nancy Howard
Vincent did my first reading with him in 1988 and everything he said would happen has. He described my husband to the letter (married 1993). He told me about my job that I was at, what I would do after it ended. I did not believe him at the time, since it was in a field I did not think I would like but in 2003 I got the very job he predicted in that reading. He is amazing. He will tell you how it is NOT how you want it to be. That is worth every penny of what the reading costs. - Beth Stroud
"Before we began Vincent asks you to focus on connecting with him with eyes closed. I live at a distance so you can imagine how surprised I was to see a bright light in front of me (Vincent) during this connecting time. This confirmed for me Vincent was extraordinary in his psychic ability also. Vincent was very astute and humorous in calling out some negative tendencies I have created. He encouraged me to take a class and put my mind at ease for the future. - Kris Theriault
My reading with Vincent was enlightening. Everything he said has come to pass with accuracy. He is exceptional, professional and compassionate. He is in depth and honest. And I keep his words of wisdom close at hand. - Elaine Jackson
Did a reading with Vincent in 2007 He told me about my finances at that time were okay which they were.  Also told me I would be leaving my job which I did. At that time I was trying to make a purchase he told me it was too soon to wait until around the end of 2009 beginning of 2010. I am now doing the follow up. He is a truly gifted person. - Brenda Rohan
Vincent J Barra is (my) psychic - when you need to hear something 'to the point' then Vincent is the man! Every psychic needs a good psychic! John Holland Psychic Medium & Author
I first met Vincent at Circles in Andover, Ma he took an Aura picture of me and was right on when he read it. I later had a phone reading with him that was unbelievable. He is a very loving and warm person who really cares about you. He shows sincere concern, not a fake. I look forward to seeing him again at Circles. - Kathy Butman
I had a reading with Vincent that reached my core issues. He is direct and quick to tune in. You feel like he finds the emotional, spiritual & soul "truth". He makes it quicker to work on yourself versus the therapists that take years of your time and $$. He has a sense of humor that is sharp and funny which makes one enjoy the process. - Victoria Burrows
Vincent is an authentic, kind and gentle spirit. He is a gifted medium and psychic that has provided me with valuable insights and guidance on many occasions. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks Vincent, for sharing your light, love and truth with us :) - Debra Skinner
A reading with Vincent is like having coffee with an old friend. The friend you call when you have to hear the truth, even if it not necessarily what you want to hear. Vincent is the real deal! Some of his predictions that seemed unlikely have already come true. - Stacy McGovern
I love Vincent! I had a reading with Vincent a year ago. He was very much on target with the things he told me. One very important thing he told me was to stop being a mouse and speak up in this lifetime. I now have a radio show. I did some recorded shows and then went live with Vincent as my first live guest! Thanks Vincent! :) - Cathy Comora
I had a reading with Vincent J. Barra back in 2006 and I have to say he's the best psychic I have ever had a reading with. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear, and isn't that what we're really looking for. This man is truly gifted. - Mary McLaughlin
My first attempt to connect with Vincent was so positive. I was not prepared to get a reading this quick of depth and validation, it blew me away. He is a gifted and talented psychic; I smiled for days with such a healing reading. - Margaret Baum
My reading with Vincent was like sitting with my brother and having a heart to heart, only he truly knew my heart and offered guidance where I needed it and pointed out, with some humor, my faults. He painted a picture for my life and soul, I cannot thank him enough and now the journey begins. Thank you Vincent for being the light on my path. - Paula McDonald
I can't say enough about my experience with Psychic Vincent Barra, and "experience" is the word! Beyond what would turn out to be a completely accurate reading, there was this energy emanating from Vincent which was filled with his integrity and empathy! His incredible ability to intuit and interpret who and what is around, and what is on the journey ahead left me feeling both at peace and excited for what lay ahead! - Jody Dove
I have had over a dozen readings with Vincent over the past 20 years and just had another yesterday. I am still amazed had how he reads you and your future like a book. So many of his predictions for my life have come to pass, some of which I would never have imagined. His guidance is solid and he sees the great potential in you and the self development steps needed to get there. He has a true gift and so many doubters I have sent to him for readings have come back with the same awe. - Debra Reynolds
Vincent is very gifted and special psychic. He also has a very calming and tranquil way about him. He was so on the money with my reading. Everything that he told me was going to happen happened. It blew me away. I thank him TRULY from the bottom of my heart. I love you Vincent. God Bless You. - Angela Brugetta
I contacted Vincent because he gave my Mom the most incredible reading 30 years ago. I wanted the same experience, and he did the same for me. Vincent gave me in site into my life that was outstanding. He was fantastic, and knew more about me than a lot of my friends do. Extremely accurate! God bless him. - Victor Ribaudo
Vincent is fantastic and I love the radio shows. Thanks for a very exciting and informative reading. I am very anxious to see how everything will start to unfold. Cross fingers and god bless. - Eve

11/15/1010 - I've never had the pleasure of meeting Vincent in person, however I have had a reading with him and I will tell you.. It was one of a very few pivotal readings I've had in my entire life.. I am so thankful for it.. and for him! 

Reading August 11, 2009

Dear Vincent,

I wanted to personally thank you so very much for the last reading you took today on the show. Arlene is my cousin and I told her today that she would have to call in like everyone else if she wanted to have an opportunity to speak with you, and it happened to work out and I am so thankful for that, for her.

She has had a great deal of loss in her life and I think that we tend to fall into patterns in our lives where we label ourselves as "the victim" or "the breadwinner", or "the nurturer" etc. Due to all these losses and illness I believe that Arlene had fallen into the "Victim" persona and accepted loss and illness as a part of who she is. Your reading was not only ACCURATE on all counts but I feel really will help her to move on and get past the loss and stop living in the pattern of being a victim, and to release some guilt and heal her soul, becoming herself again. She was a very cheerful and spunky person before all this tragedy, and I have a feeling that now, finally, she will be again.

What a gift today was, as I could hear the relief in her voice when we spoke after the show. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of her and her family. You are a blessing to this world.


Dawn Jones


I attended your Journey with Spirit workshop at Circles of Wisdom on January 3rd. It was awesome! I had attended your Aura development workshop about 6 months prior and was equally impressed.

You told me that I this would be a great year for me and that I was going to start my own business as a talent manager of sorts for psychics. At that point I had already begun representing an Angel Reader/psychic, Anne landed her 3 gigs. I have since signed on another psychic medium who I think is phenomenal.

You also said that someone was going to be developing a new healing treatment that no one else had done before.

Anne and I had a discussion the day before your workshop talking about exactly that! You also said I was going to write a book and that it would be channeled.

The medium that I am working with and I were talking about books we had thought to write.

It was about the exact same subject, so I’m going to help her and be her ghost writer. Everything you said has already started to come to fruition. I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

You confirmed a lot of things I was feeling and it has given me confidence to move forward on my own spiritual journey.

I was fortunate enough that afternoon to connect with my grandfather. It touched me in a way that words can’t describe.

In case you didn’t know it, you are amazingly talented, gifted, and straight forward which I love because I'm the same way. :)

I’m so glad that you came into my life.

Wishing you all the best. I can’t wait until you come back to the east coast so I can experience another one of your workshops.


Annette Carroll

Dear Vincent,

Thank you so much for being extremely honest with me during my reading. I needed to hear the truth about myself and you helped me to look at myself under a very different angle. Now I've got something to work on in order to bring changes in my personality. Your guidance was just right for me to make a such change.

As we discussed, please include me to your International Healing Circle as a Reiki Master. I will be honored if you give me a chance to help people.

Elena Kuznetsova, Russia

Hello Vincent,

My name is Stephanie and I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Holistic Intuitive workshop in Phoenix, AZ. Thank you for coming! My intuition told me to be patient & wait to speak with you. By the end of the day, I got lucky! Underneath your mischievous, irreverent sense of humor (which I loved) - is a beautiful, deep, empathic, gifted, loving soul. Wow!

Big hugs to you,



this is just a mail to thank Vincent for the reading we had yesterday.

Vincent, not only you were really accurate when you described me, my wife Marisa, my elder son Alex and my daughter Irina, you also provided me with another perspective for my professional and spiritual development, and how I could manage to integrate both. Even more you helped my to have a clear view of which is my dream, what I'd really enjoy doing in my life. I was so busy working and living that I never had the peace of mind to figure it out.

Your candid opinions and optimism about the future opportunities I'll find in my path were really hopeful and affirming. You have been really a boost.

I'll listen to my tape carefully as soon as it arrives, so I will not miss any of the details and lessons to learn.

Thanks again, my friend


Dear Vincent,

I just want to tell you that not only do I find your radio show inspiring. I love the words that work segment, but I also just love to hear your readings, you are so funny. I just don't know what you are going to come out with next. Last week when you called the lady a chicken it was the last thing in the world I was expecting you to call her and this week when you told a lady she sounded twice her age, I got a fit of the giggles. You have such a fun way of doing readings and it is very clear that you are not trying to offend anyone just trying to steer them in the best direction for their own good. You are an absolute joy to listen to. Every week you bring a huge smile to my face. I just want to thank you for being you, for speaking your mind and for all that you do via your web site, this group and your radio program.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... One of your many fans… Liz

Hi Vincent;

Oh my God!! Thank you so much for my reading! I knew this reading would give me insights and the next things I needed to start my new life. I need to let all this information process. You are incredibly amazing. Thank you for helping so many people with your gift!

Many many blessings,

Hi Vincent.

Thank you so much for last week's reading. I received the tape, and listened to this morning. The messages you gave me are VERY powerful. I told Lou that I feel like something changed inside of me after the reading. I'm not sure how things will come to pass, however, I trust the Universe to align them...more importantly I will go beyond "being chicken."

Thanks again,

Love, Bill

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the meditation you did on success on last week's show. I did it again on Friday. I was to have dinner with my son. We have been apart for almost a year. I put my foot down, he was 18 & "knew it all", so he didn't speak to me for all this time. Finally I got a message from him & he wanted to start talking. Well, Friday was his birthday & I wanted to take him to dinner. He agreed...much to my surprise. I was soooooooooo nervous....what if it was uncomfortable, what if, what if, what if? Then Vincent I remembered your success meditation on 1 of your shows . I did it shortly before I left, concentrating on the evening going well & us having fun together, then I went to the mirror & had a little "pep talk" with myself just like you said to do.

I left the house feeling confident. End result....we had a GREAT time. We talked just like we used to. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. When we were leaving, I hugged him & told him I loved him. He actually said "I love you too". Now THAT was a successful evening. Thank you.....for giving me the tools to feel confident & successful. You continue to make such a difference in my life every time I hear your show, receive an email and now check in on your yahoo group. Thank you for helping me to become better & better!!!!! I am honored to call you my friend, even though we haven't 'met'. You are such a positive influence in my life.

THANK YOU! Maureen

Dear Vincent,

I have to thank you for my reading yesterday on Psychic Synapse, in which you told me to get organized about my writing. That was exactly what I needed to hear, when I
needed to hear it. I smiled for ten minutes after! I will transcribe your words from the archives and keep them by my computer for inspiration. I am so grateful.

All my best,
Karen from Santa Barbara


I just wanted to say thank you for the work that you do. After I got over my anger (which was just my emotions getting the better of me) I knew that you gave me some beneficial information which I am eternally grateful for. I have to say that some of the things didn't make sense but I will listen to the tape and review it as you said. I hope I didn't make you feel bad at the end of the reading, it was not my intention. I realize how difficult your work must be at times and I wish you could feel the gratitude that I feel for what you told me. I don't think there is anyone who enjoys being told the truth when it is the hard truth but I knew that if I wanted to grow I needed to hear it which is why I knew you were the right one for the job. (Wait, is your head able to fit through the door with all this praise I'm throwing your way. Just kidding.) I truly, honestly am grateful for your reading. It has helped me already.

Thanks again

God Bless


Dear Vincent,

In my world, you are a saint! I love listening to your show and, even though you respond to messages from others, there is always wisdom to be absorbed that is applicable to my journey through the human energy experience. May you be blessed over and over again for you have given me hope that I can, and have, regained my direction and Source of energy to persevere. Thank you again and again...for touching my life enough to set free the love, warmth and laughter of my soul.

Also, I appreciate the healing energy. I will surly keep you posted on the outcome.

Blessings always,

Nancy Rob


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help and care I received from you and your reading. For the first time in my life I know who I am and where I am going. I found you to be a person of honor and respect. I was lost and now I am found.

Thank you again. Beth S...


I have never had a Reading before and to tell the truth I was a little skeptical but after just a few moments with you I became a believer. Within 3 weeks your prophecies came to pass. I have told everyone I know about you. You are a gentle caring man.

Pat Lopez... Banning, Ca. Nurse

My Dearest Vincent,

You have given me a new lease on life. A life without guilt form my son's death. I took your seminar "Journey with Spirit", not only did I have a chance to sit with my son and hold him, but he told the reason for his death. I had blamed myself and cut the world out. But because of you, I am whole and caring.


In my reading you told me to tell my brother to get his eyes checked. I passed that info on to him. He said there’s nothing wrong with my eyes. I asked him to humor me and just do it & then told him you had suggested it. He had to wait awhile to get an appointment at the V.A., Friday afternoon he called and said he had just left the Dr. & they want to see him in 3months. He has some bleeding in the veins in the back of his eyes. Thank you so much, you have saved my brothers site, He may have never known until it was too late.

Linda T.

Dear Vincent,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your calming words and advice yesterday and for responding so quickly. You really are a very kind soul.

With your advice, I was able to calm the anxiety of not only myself but also my team and later in the day have a talk with the team leader who has been panicking. Everyone feels much better today thanks to you.

Please do not forget when you come to New York you have a dinner date with me.

Have a great day!


Hi Vincent,

I want to Thank You so very much. I want to say how much I love the show. Thank you. I have been smiling all day. The universe is so kind to us, isn't it. I felt very humble today when I realized what a beautiful gift you gave me, you can not put a price on that. Your reading for me on Jan. 2nd has changed my life in ways I am aware of and I know in my heart there is much more to come, I feel it. I feel like you do know what we need, at least I know you are offering me what I need, the only way you can do that is through Spirit. It was a WOW show. I'm taking notes and I am treating your show as a class, I don't see it as a show. I would like to share with you something that went along with your class today about the inner beauty emerging, this morning I read about St. Theresa of Lisiuex, "The little flower" from the Carmelite monastery. Something tells me you know about her, well my husband came home with rose oil today. I feel as if a rose is opening up in me. Thank you for saying we can email you cause I wouldn't have had the courage to do this other wise.

God Bless you Vincent J. Barra, with all my respect Mary Ellen

Hi Vincent,

We talked last evening, and I wanted to thank you again for my reading. I am amazed about 'my preaching' to be....and that it will affect mass amounts of people. (I have always believed I have something HUGE to say-) thank you for clarifying this more.

I also want to REALLY thank you for telling me about Kelsey, my youngest daughter - 11 year old. I came home last night from school at 9:45pm and sat with her and did a little bit of homework she was still working on...but I tried to be "MOMMY'...like you told me too. I am going to work on this A LOT. This part of my reading was very important for me to know. I can't thank you enough.
Finally, I got into bed and just hugged onto my husband as he fell asleep and felt grateful.

Thank you for pointing out so many things for me. I know you hear this all the time about making a difference in people's lives. But please bear through another email, from me and know how grateful I am for you accepting and taking the time to speak with me.

I felt your soul and you are a beautiful person in and out. I look forward to booking another reading with you in the future.

With Much gratitude and love, Suzan


Hi from Corrine in Marshalltown, Ia. The fact that you read me like a book, I didn't want to let it go. I am trying to have trust that the numerology and your predictions will be as valid as the first part of the reading. The fact that you were dead on with the first part does give me hope. From what you said about my current situation, has been the most accurate that I ever received, so, thank you so far Vincent!

I just wanted to email You and just express to You how wonderful I think Your soul is and just how inspiring Your words are for me - You totally uplift my spirit when I listen to Your shows - what a wonderful way to either start my day or to end my day !! Thank You for You!! - i hope You have the most wonderful day and can not wait to hear Your next show!! ...Your humor is so awesome I love to laugh and you do that for me as well as inspire me.

Thank You!!!! - Jennifer

Wow Vincent,

That was the best show I've heard in a long time, bravo I decided to make some changes in my thinking this past week and your show today went right along with it. Your insight on sharing info is outstanding, are you aware of this? I'm learning a great deal about myself.

Thank you for the classes.

Much Love Marlee

Hi Vincent,

Thank you so much for your reading. It was awesome! Your reading make me want to be the best person I can be. I applied to a community college and I am on my way to become worlds best nurse. I listen to Psychic Synapse in the archives and I love it your show inspires me so much. The idea of words that work is great!

I wish you all the best. Many blessings.

Love, Iwona

Good Morning Vincent:

I recall you stating that you appreciate feedback, so I’m writing today to oblige. My session with you was great! I appreciate your “way” of delivery; You are a wonderful soul! You’re doing meaningful work and I love your new radio show, may it be profoundly successful!

Warmest Wishes,


Dear Vincent,

I feel very honored to have had a reading by you on achieve radio, April 27th. You gave me an amazing boost ... words of great encouragement that I needed badly. What a boon. I am very grateful to you.

Thank you, too, for asking me to send you some of my writing. I will do so soonest. I need to get some stuff together.

Kind regards,

Raymond - Tsfat, Israel

Hi Vincent

This is one of millions of emails you are getting, I know, but I’m baking bread at the moment, and so my thoughts while doing so go towards you. I hope you and yours had a great break. I have just heard your discourse on anger and judgment – on your most recent show.

It occurred to me that when you feel you have let yourself down about something, it maybe that you have actually done and said exactly what that person really needed. For instance, you reminded me that I need to take more care in how I say things. And you did it in the best way possible for me to hear this. And you needed to remember that only love is sent to you, rather than harm.

As for anger etc… peace, brother, and also namaste (one of the best words in the universe). I and my friend David (whom you have also spoken with once) are also glad that we were allowed to “meet” you.

Cheers and happy belated Easter greetings,


Dear Vincent,

Thank you very much for today's radio reading.

You gave me and my friend (Khashayar from Austria, [by the way Khasha is a he :-)]) some kind of hope. We became apart nearly 3 years ago, which is very saddening.

Anyway God bless you and I hope that He will help you to make people happy.

Inshalla (if God wants) I will contact you to make a reading appointment. But please no lecturing, I'm interested in what will happen in my future.

Love and regards


Hello Vincent,

I wanted to get back to you regarding the reading I had with you on Thursday afternoon. It was perfect, insightful, hopeful and affirming. I can not thank you enough .... you have a new fan :) . I have listened to my tape several time now Thank you again so much for everything.


Dear Mr. Vincent,

YOU RULE! AND YOUR AWESOME! I have already begun to send our your email with the information! Gosh ...You are psychic! (hee hee) with a wonderful sense of humor. Our world needs more of that and frankly, I want a reading with you some time... Again I thank you!



Just a note!

I was listening to several of Vincent's radio shows on the Achieve Radio show and I just want to say, Vincent is an Angel spreading such warmth and compassion to everyone. His words are like poetry to the ears.

God Bless Vincent!


Dear Vincent,

Congratulations on your decision to come share your gift with us via the internet! I absolutely love your show and look forward to "coming to class" on Thursday to learn something new from you. Best of luck!


Laurie - U. S. Virgin Islands

Good Morning Vincent,

I was listening to yesterday's show on Achieveradio.com and it ended up being one of the Best, Most Exciting moments I've ever had. As I was listening I couldn't help but think that I wanted to give something back to you in appreciation of the personal reading you shared with me in December.

I began to type a "quick message" regarding a reminder for people to go back and listen to archives so that they can see how the words magically come in to context. As I began writing, you had instructed your producer to choose a quick message by picking a number. I said to myself "I'm not done yet" as I had to shorten the message. You continued with another caller, asked the producer if he had chosen one yet, which he apparently had not, then you went to a break. I finished my message and hit send. When you came back from the break it was my message you read. The exciting part about this was that at the time you asked him to pick one, I knew it was mine. When he hadn't chosen one, I knew it was because I hadn't finished and I knew when you came back from the break you were going to read my message!! This was probably a very insignificant occurrence for you but it was the single most exciting
validation for me!!

Thank You Thank You Thank you!!!!!!

What I meant in that message was that I feel what it is that everyone can realize from you; from your "words that work", from your empathy, from your reading, is a wonderful interpretation of hope. Not just hope in the sense of some "just out of reach" concept but that JOY IS IMMANENT if you choose it; if you allow it to happen. I find this feeling in myself more and more every day.

I sincerely hope that everyone will allow themselves to have this feeling. I also sincerely hope that as time goes, I'm able to earn a spot in your "friends" column.

All my best to you,

Brian Whitney - Bismarck, North Dakota

Greetings Vincent,

I was recently listening to an Archive file I thought your "Straight from the Hip" style to be refreshing and true! Thanks!


Dear Vincent,

I am writing you again for the third time today. Go figure. This time it is about future shows. I am finding that people are looking into past lives again as the belief in reincarnation is growing. I also find that people are looking for this information to know about themselves, and what the past life can bring to clarify who they are, and what their life lessons are. I am listening to archives at this time, and I will be back to see if I can get through when you are on air. I really enjoy your show and you are doing so much good for so many. I have heard answers today given to others that I identify with, and I thank you for your generous spirit.

Much rainbow love, light and laughter.


Dear Vincent,

I have listened to your voice on the internet and I already feel connected to you more than I've ever felt connected to any other psychic before. I would be interested in a reading.



First of all I AM DOING BETTER AND BETTER AND EVEN BETTER, and I send the same to you!! I want to share with you how the reading you gave me the other day (01/27/06) ushered me to another level of self-discovery on my journey of spiritual growth. I have had readings before in which I was generally passive during and after the process. However, with our partnership during the reading, and my readiness to accept your gift to me, I was able to not only look at your reading literally (I immediately found a writing class and signed up for a specific class on writing articles for money at a local community college--double wow!!--the class existed, was affordable, was offered on a night I was available, and meets for a short duration--I can't describe the electricity I felt in my office that afternoon after I got off the phone and immediately acted on the guidance you gave me--which I believe came from the Divine) but I was also able to take the information (both the verbal and energetic) and review some of my previous experiences and see how the information you highlighted for me had been presented to me in little buzzes of energy, here and there, over the course of years--I am talking about the writing piece specifically, now. I do recall having little hits of energy when I read about or viewed programs that highlighted authors' and illustrators' lives and their lifestyles. However, I simply wrote these buzzes of energy off as just an incidental interest since I didn't have writing in my view of what my life would be. What your reading did for me was ignite a self-review as I considered how I resonated with the things you shared. From this experience, I have begun to see not only that I have been given guidance in my life all along--I just didn't see it, but even more importantly, I discovered how I get my guidance--through the buzzes of energy. I see now how subtle my guidance has been, for the most part, because it just seemed like a natural part of me and didn't hit me over the head, and I also see how real my guidance has been and is (we also just briefly talked about spiritual guidance). I feel like I have had the cellophane wrapper taken off of my life--like I was looking at a gift for years that was still in the box and wrapped up sitting on a shelf. Finally, with your help, I have opened the box and found that there were actually user's instructions there!! WOW!! There is also something about the wording you use that is particularly interesting and has many levels of information.

With profound thanks,


Hello Vincent!!

Your reading was nothing like I expected but boy did you have a positive impact on my whole family!! I called my daughter-in-law and said just what you told me to say and WOW 3 years of hard feelings just melted and she even talked about brining the baby out to see me which is what I have wanted for SO LONG - Thank you, thank you , thank you.

Your message i passed along to my daughter about Saturn return and what you saw her doing in the future and WOW she just became this hope filled person like I never saw or thought she could ever be again. You are such a blessing to the world - to my life - I'm floored.

I certainly intend to listen religiously to your show and to pass it on to everyone I know. I would love to have a reading again in my life - but I fully understand that there needs to be proper spacing. God Bless you Vincent - Have a Wonderful Holiday Season.

Sincerely and most appreciatively - Juanita

Hey Vincent,

I just got finished listening to the last part of the show this morning and I have to say I really don't feel you were rude to Elizabeth at all maybe a lil harsh (laughing) but you had to be and Vincent please don't ever stop doing what your doing your a true gift in this life so many of us appreciate you so much.

Have a wonderful day !!! Jen

Hi Vincent!

How are you? I just finished listening to the July 25th affirmation part of your broadcast and I just wanted to thank you. It was the exact words that I needed to hear at this point in my life.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with your listeners!



Hi my name is Macelia.

I just got a reading from you on Achieve radio. Truthfully, I was really upset and felt like you treated me unfair... I cried and showed my emotions out load to someone else... my cousin.. Andrea... though I was angry I told her to call your show too... anyway's I realized that maybe that's was what I needed... for you to be forceful with me... no one ever forced me or pushed me through life.. I've always been the independent type who needs "tough" love. You said you felt like my father... Thank you. I was wondering about the prices of one of your readings because honestly I need more guidance.

Macelia K.


I am Rose, one of the callers on today's show. I would like to thank you for your insight and your candidness. It is refreshing to listen to some one that is not afraid to speak the truth. This weekend I am traveling to Albuquerque for a Kiwanis Convention. I am the Charter President of a brand new club in the Phoenix area and Kiwanis International has asked me to sit on a panel regarding fund raising. You are right I am a teacher at heart and that is where I will realize my best work and be the happiest. To give of my knowledge and experience to others has always been my desire, I know I will indeed succeed.

I have been told that this trip will change my life. I hope so, because right now I have no real direction or purpose that is evident, other than surviving. I know that I will be ok because God has always taken care of me, no matter what happens, usually at the last minute he sends me a miracle. I am blessed in so many ways and I know that this trial too shall pass and I will be better than alright.

Thank you again for your insight and your giving heart.



I listen to your Tuesday show later on the archives, so I just heard that you have decided to put your cat down to spare her any prolonged distress. I'm so sorry to hear that her diagnosis and prognosis are so dire. Although I am allergic to cats now, I still remember losing cats of my own and how sad that experience is. Your decision is brave and caring. When I hear about someone's devotion to a loved one who has transitioned, it always seems to warm my heart just to think about how those feelings must have been mirrored or perhaps even magnified in the object of that love. Here's to 12 years of sharing love, care,
and companionship! RIP Miriah.

Love, Blessings, and Perpectual Understanding!!


For Pete's sakes, Vincent! Last night's show (since I'm only an archive listener now) was hilarious. I'm sitting at my desk this morning, working and listening and giggling as I listen to what you're saying. You found your funny bone, mister!

Except for the yoger thing. I never mentioned this before, but I laughed for days after you talked to a woman from New York (with a bit of nostalgia in your voice when you reminisced about New York) about Yoga.

Although, ask me to say 'out' or 'about' for you. I'm from Minnesota, I still cannot hear the difference.

Maybe Mariah is leaving to make room in your life for someone else. I'm still sorry to hear she's leaving you.

Take care.



Thank you very much for giving me a reading. When you were finished I felt very much at peace and excited about my future. You were right on target, so much that I was amazed. You were so kind, caring and positive. You are a very special person. You are also a man of great wisdom. I send you love and peace... Jeannie

Hey Vincent!

First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you.

I have to tell you that I just LOVE your show. It's my hug from Vincent every week. Thank you for doing what you do.

Love and hugs back to you because that's what you give to all of us listeners.

Maureen in Idaho

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