by Jeannie Lovell ©July 2007


I have decided that I want only soft people in my life. Soft people are those who are: well… “SOFT” Soft people are loving, kind, empathetic, caring, understanding, giving and a little spiritual. Soft people see their own inner beauty and they help those around them see their inner beauty. The people they are around leave feeling good about themselves. I remember a quote that I once read that to me was very profound, of which I will always remember because it is so true. “People do not remember what you did for them, but they remember how you made them feel.”

Have you ever said, “Well, I don’t like so and so?” It is not so much that we dislike so and so..., but it is a matter of how we feel about ourselves when we are around those who we feel we do not like. We always enjoy being around people where we feel comfortable and good about ourselves. We like those people and we like being around them, looking forward to spending more time with them. If we feel negative in anyway about ourselves when we are around certain people; in actuality we are feeling dislike towards ourselves. We are uncomfortable and then we think or say... “I don't like so and so.”

Of course this is not always true and not the only criteria to becoming a soft person, but for the most part I believe people become soft when they have had difficult times, been hurt and had to pick them selves up by the boot straps... hanging in there and never giving up. After much self reflection they eventually learn to love and respect their self in a healthy way. They begin to see the beauty of who they are reflecting it back to everyone they meet. Others feel this wonderful soft energy and want more of it.

I also believe there are special souls in this world who are born knowing their inner beauty and never lose site of it. These people are the angels in our lives.

For the most part though, unless you know first hand what difficult times are or felt pain, it is much more difficult to have empathy for those who have. Sadly, there are some people who never become soft. They do not go through experiences that allow them to see what hurt and difficult times are like. They can become hard, opinionated and have no empathy towards others. There are also those who have been hurt and had to face difficult times in their life, but they become bitter and angry; they become hardened never knowing the joy of their inner beauty much less the inner beauty of others. They have closed the door on their own inner beauty, never feeling the joy of loving who they are or realizing their own perfection or the perfection of those around them.

Everyone can become a soft person if they want to be. The most difficult part of becoming a soft person is first finding your own inner beauty and joyfully loving yourself. Next is seeing the inner beauty of all those around you and joyfully loving and sharing your positive energy. When you do, you will radiate softness, drawing other soft people to you. For the most part hard people will avoid you. The positive energy that surrounds you makes them feel uncomfortable. But there are hard people who will feel the warmth of your positive energy and want more of it. They will have an innate knowing and a strong desire to become soft. On the occasions when you are around hard people, you will find that they have no negative effect on you. This is because you are wonderfully soft... incased in your own armor of love and beauty. You are centered and nothing can take you off center, not even the negative energy of hard people.

I want to be a soft person and I want to have soft people all around me.

This is where my thoughts took me today.







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