by Vincent J Barra

Today I renew every fiber of my body, mind and spirit into a more
positive and passionate being.

I remember as a child every year with the approaching spring season, my mother would sit down, pad and pen in hand, and with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes, diligently start making chore lists for each member of the family. These lists were the blueprints to complete cleaning tasks for the renewal of our home and surroundings.

We would each be assigned chores that would fit our talents and capabilities, she seemed to always have a knack for picking the right job for the right person, and so we would begin to spruce up our abode. I must say, although I would complain about having to spend a good portion of my spring break cleaning, painting, discarding broken out-dated junk, that would magically fill to capacity every nook and cranny of the garage, closets and the basement. When I finished I did have a sense of renewal with newness and wholeness.

As I ventured living on my own I carried on my mother’s traditional ritual of springtime environmental overhauling, cleansing and renewal. I begrudgingly would make my list of chores and begin the tedious drudgery of cleaning and dusting every inch of my apartment, hauling out the old broken possessions and replacing them with new ones. It is still amazing to me how in just a short twelve month period of time one could accumulate so much rubbish not to mention the growth of so many dust bunnies. But when I was finished and all was spice and span, scrubbed cleaned and smelling fresh I would sit in the center of each room and soak in that wonderful invigorating feeling of renewal.

Come to think of it how many of us take the time to spring-clean, spruce -up and dust out the cobwebs that have gathered in our body, mind and spirit. Removing the accumulated trash of contradictory emotions, ill gotten thoughts and habitual negative reactions to life and its situations.

Make this year’s springtime a time for your own personal renewal and begin to master how to grow with new insights and renewed goals for a better future. Make time each day to write your list of goals, so you’ll know where you are on your path. Take time each and every day to review your emotions and discard feelings of envy, greed, hatred and especially the feeling of self-loathing.

Some ways that will help you to find your own sense of renewal are:

  • Overcoming being trapped in negative emotions.
  • Staying balanced without repression.
  • Find your center even amidst turmoil.
  • Redirect emotional energy to higher levels.
  • Understand the role of positive thinking within growth.
  • Use affirmations as an effective tool.

Learn how to re-channel your energy so that negative emotions become less of a factor in your life, and when they do appear transcend them more quickly. Learn how to discover your own true passion, don’t just copy what others want for their lives.

Renewal is learning how to face major changes in job, relationships, aging or health. Have you begun to realize it’s time to take charge of your life’s direction and re-evaluate your basic assumptions by overcoming habitual reaction to feelings of anxiety, grief and helplessness. Reviewing and reflecting your thoughts as a springboard for positive change and finding your own inner strength. Learning to attune to the Divine and flow to find your new direction.

Last and perhaps the most important renewal is the beauty and depth of discovering love. Love for another and accepting your own self-love.

Love is natural to the heart, but because of past emotional injuries from negative relationships we have learned to “over-protect” ourselves by building walls around it and shutting down the heart’s desires. Discover how to go beyond your fears and feelings of isolation and disappointment that separates us from other, even from ourselves.

Learn effective and natural ways to open your heart chakra and open yourself to a life filled with love, compassion and passion. Understand and get beyond those past influences that have caused you to abandon and close your heart’s natural acceptance of love. Use yoga postures, breathing exercises, music, different forms of chanting and spiritual quests to raise the heart’s vibration and energies and learn how to protect yourself from negative influences without “shutting-down.”

So as the springtime season offers to the world a phenomenal sense of renewal and cleansing I have discovered what truly is the larger picture. This simple act of clearing out the junk and cobwebs that have accumulated within our body, mind and spirit is truly the “rebirth” of the spiritual and human desires of the soul.

Vincent J Barra




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